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If you want to ask: "Is there a time in the world?" There may be two answers: Yes! No! Some people who advocate it are generally idiotic men and women. They want to keep the good forever, and the suffering is over! Therefore, in the midst of suffering, such as the day, the happiness can not be fixed there. I want to have a very pure and eternal feeling. But found that all this is wishful thinking. In them: Love is willing to experience the moment with ta is an eternal feeling. Knowing that this will wash your brilliance, and polish your uniqueness into ordinary, you still have ideals, and willing to deliver the years with ta. When he is no longer a talented and heroic hero, you are still firmly guarding, becoming an ordinary loved one, and tasted it. Love is to uncover the veil of dreams and to say goodbye to fairy tales. What I have done all my life is such an eternal big-headed dream. Everyone is eager to retain the wonderful. When they hold out their hands and hold them Marlboro Gold, they find that they are caught in the emptiness after the glitz; the loneliness after the carnival. Life is unpredictable, and the ups and downs are uncertain. No one can avoid it. The pain now, when I look back, I will find that it is not a matter of course. Learn to tolerate people who have hurt you. Everyone has their own difficulties and it is not easy to live. Life will eventually teach you to understand that as long as you don't ask for eternity, you can't catch it, only you can't let it go. Although everyone knows that life is impermanent, sometimes, knowing that it is the moon in the water Newport Cigarettes, the flowers in the mirror, but still looking for it; sometimes, knowing that it is a sin and a trap, but still have to jump. The problem is to think of illusion as eternal. If you have to fabricate a eternal red dust, you can only say: "The most eternal happiness in the world is ordinary; the longest possession of life is to cherish." Only then has the Buddha reminded people to let go? It��s because of the world��s affairs that you will pass the time, but you are persistent, is it silly? People have this kind of experience. When you are in love, hate can't be eternal! But who dreams come true? There is a foreign movie "Pombe End", mainly about a prisoner. In the volcanic eruption, in order to save a woman who loves him, he delayed his chance to escape his life and returned to save his beloved woman. However, the ravages of volcanic rocks have been burned into a coke-like eternal sculpture. Are you willing to make this eternal sculpture? It is impossible for a person to live for only one thing in his life Marlboro Lights. Otherwise life will not be colorful! From this point of view, if there is eternal, it is nothing but a single, lonely, nothing. Otherwise how can it be considered eternal? Are you willing to enter like that? Before human beings have no enlightenment, the pain and horror of reincarnation will truly exist because of persistence. Just like sleeping and dreaming, because I don��t know if it is illusory, I will suffer all kinds of pain and horror in my nightmares. I also insist on real life as eternal, and the more pain, the deeper the cycle will be. Only by practicing the Dharma can you look down on the red dust, let go of your attachments, and get detached from eternity. I am afraid that few people have seriously thought about it. It can be said that the constant is eternal. So is there any change in the world? I am afraid that eternity is only a topic in the red dust, but it is not a reality in the red dust. Eternally in the "Multi-Heart Sutra", it has been made very clear: no immortality, no dirt, no increase, no increase or not. It is also the Nirvana of the Buddha. Almost the entire "Multi-Heart Sutra" is talking about the eternal Nirvana Wholesale Cigarettes. Does this make sense to people in the world? Although there is no eternal life in the world, some are only illusory and impermanent. But this short-lived, but true, at least you can see, touch, grasp, and get caught. As long as you cherish this short-lived truth, you are happy; as long as you are alive, you do not abandon, do not abandon this is true. So there are only two ways in life, one is to choose a short-lived reality; the other is to find the eternal eternal in space. How can fish and bear's paws co-exist in the world even if Cangshan and the sea will undergo subtle changes every day, and even after thousands of years, even from quantitative changes to qualitative changes, Cangshan becomes a lake. This kind of case has been confirmed by history! From this point of view, what remains unchanged in the world, such as the Angkor Wat, which is known as the Four Wonders of the East, was a magnificent palace. It was not dusted by history for a long time, and it has long disappeared into people's vision. It was only fortunately discovered by explorers in modern times, but there was no grandeur in the original, leaving nothing but devastating. Even the giant stone carvings have left the tears of the years. Standing on such a ruin, you will have eternal luxury. If you want to find eternity, unless you are in space, the nothingness and time there is eternal. However, when you really find such eternal, but you can't see, touch, and can't catch it, what is the meaning of eternality? To say eternal, you have to say that God and Xiu can do it. The demeanor of Shenxiu is: As a bodhi tree, the heart is like a mirror, and it is always diligent, so don't make it dusty. He is talking about the level of cultivation in the red dust. He realized that there was impermanence, so he should always be diligent. The trick of Hui Neng is: Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is no such thing, and where is the dust? What he said is beyond the three realms, not in the five elements. He realized that there was nothing in the original, and he had the saying "Where is the dust?" This kind of realm is beyond the reach of ordinary people. If you can reach this level, you can prove eternal. It is a pity that there are not many eternal sorghums that can be detached from the world. It is similar to dreams, that is, they are always difficult to achieve! No wonder some people say: Eternity is a lie that people make up and deceive themselves. Unless you know nothing, it is the greatest happiness, because you can live forever in your own weaving fairy tale, just like a fool, unconsciously, such a lifetime, is the so-called eternal life? There is a song that sings well: "There are just a few autumns in life, you can't stop it!" You only have a few autumns, but you are eager for something eternal. Even if you ask for it, can you enjoy it forever? In the world, don't dream of eternity, unless you are willing to give up the rich and colorful life of the world, and enter the eternal, monotonous, lonely, empty eternal!
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